Covid Rapid Testing Available

Now offering in office covid antigen and antibody testing required and approved by Health Canada.

Are you wondering what test you may be requiring to travel? Click on the link below and search your destination country for all requirements.

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Travel Antigen Test

Commonly referred to as a rapid test. This test looks for protein fragments that are specific to the Coronavirus. It is possible to perform it in a clinic, doctor's office, or hospital. The turnaround time for results is usually very short, and in some cases, results can be reported in as little as 15 minutes.

What To Expect

Please ensure that if your test is being used for travelling that you also bring your passport and/or travel ID as this will need to be included on results.

  • you will be given required paperwork to be completed

  • test will be administered either by nose for antigen or finger prick blood draw for antibody

  • test results will be reported in 15 minutes

  • you will be given clearance paperwork stating test results

Antibody Test

An antibody test, also known as a serology test, searches your blood for specific antibodies. This test is useful because it reveals whether or not you have had the infection in the past and developed antibodies, even if you only had mild symptoms. This type of test is less useful for disease diagnosis because it can take some time for your body to produce enough antibodies to detect infection.

Please contact our office and we would be pleased to book you an appointment.


We Are Still Here to Help With Your Sleep Apnea

It's All About Health Ltd is still open to help support our customers.

We are still offering CPAP therapy while working closely with Island CPAP at this time.

Please give us a call if you wish to book an appointment or have any questions regarding your machine or supplies.

Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to hearing from you.



It's All About Health is now taking bookings for teeth whitening services with Smile FX.

Smile FX is a 3 x 15 Minute cosmetic teeth-whitening system. It is also the #1 choice for anyone with tooth sensitivity. 

If this is something you are interested in contact our office to make an appointment!


It's All About Health Ltd

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IT’S ALL ABOUT HEALTH Ltd is a private and locally owned business servicing North Eastern BC, Vancouver Island, and North Western Alberta.
Patsy Keen, RN and owner is passionate about health and wellness and brings her 30+ years of nursing experience into your community to share her wealth of knowledge and expertise in hopes of improving the health of her clients and community.
If you interested in or have a need for a service that you do not see listed, feel free to ask to see if a specialty service can be set up just for you! That’s what IT’S ALL ABOUT HEALTH Ltd is all about meeting its customers needs.
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